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This website is dedicated to some freeware tools that make the life of PalmOS users some more comfortable. All programs are written in Delphi 4 and therefore will only run on win32 platforms.


Directinstall is an install tools for PalmOS files. It creates a right click cascaded menu in windows explorer for each Palm user on the desktop. Select the file(s) you want to install, right click on one of them, select the user and they will be installed on the next hotsync.


PRCbuild is a tool to extract, add and replace resources in PalmOS PRC files. It can be used by developers to build a PRC from compiled resources.


Favconvert is an app that saves your favorites in a palm database. The database can be read with the following programs (i hope these old links still works :-):
Name Type Website
URLSyncURL freeware*
PocketURL freeware*
WebPlus freeware
URL+ shareware
NutURL shareware

* The viewer is freeware but the desktop program is not, but then again, who needs the desktop program when you have FavConvert? :-)
The program is a real 0.1 version. It works and thats all. Only support for favorites. Netscape or Opera aren't supported. It's a nice example of how to create palm pdb files with delphi.
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